Who we are and why we started East Coast Adventures:

We are runners. Our roots are in ultra and trail running and we want to continue to see more communities and people get involved. Running creates a bond and a family with fellow runners, family members, and volunteers that builds a community and a movement of people that come together to help each other to be better mentally and physically improving overall health. Running is much like life. Some days are really good and some days are tough. It’s the tough days when we decide to do it that defines us and keeps us pushing on to do more than we ever thought we could. That's the hardest and most rewarding part of running. Running is never easy. Everyday is different with new challenges but it is rewarding and can take you places that some people may never see. Push yourself to do it. Choose a new trail and go explore and be outside! We love running and helping in the community that's why we put these events on. We want to help motivate, inspire, and bring people together to do something they are proud of.